The 2018 Johnny Hunt Men's Conference Breakout Speakers

Theme: "UNSPOKEN" - Things men will not talk about and why.  Pastor’s lessons will encourage men to open up.


Friday Night, February 2, 2018 Breakouts:

Pastor Johnny on “Leadership” for Pre-Registered Senior Pastors ONLY.

Worship Center: Gary Bates is the CEO of Creation Ministries International ( based in Atlanta, GA. Globally each year, CMI conducts around 1,200 presentations.  CMI also employs more scientists than any other Christian ministry, and like Gary, most were once convinced evolutionists, Gary is a specialist on popular culture and the author of Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (the only creation book to become an top 50 bestseller, and the children’s book One Big Family, which explains how all ‘racial’ groups are literal descendants of Adam and Eve. He has written hundreds of articles for CMI’s website and has recently coauthored the top selling booklet, How did we get our Bible—and is it the Word of God?  Topic: Creation: Foundation for the Gospel (Genesis 1-11) – This Breakout will equip believers to defend their faith in the crucial and foundational area of origins.  Gary will demonstrate how God’s Word can be trusted from the very first verse. This session will be Simulcast and translated into Spanish.

Chapel: James Eubanks is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Certified EFT Couples Therapist. He has served as the Director of Counseling at FBCW for over 18 years, where he oversees the church’s counseling center. James has a wealth of experience counseling couples as well as providing marriage classes and workshops for couples who desire to heal and strengthen their relationship. He has a passion to see marriages in the body of Christ become closer, renewed, and stronger than ever. James and his wife Carol, have been married for 36 years; they are proud parents and grandparents, having three adult sons and one grandson.  Topic: Overcoming the Unspoken Enemies of Marriage – Learn how to protect, grow and strengthen your marriage!

B Basement: Lee Welborn is an ordained deacon and former Chairman of Deacons at FBCW. He is a partner in the law firm of Downey & Cleveland, LLP, and has tried well over one hundred civil jury trials. He is a mediator and the founder of Cole House Mediation Services, LLC. Lee and his wife Julie have a deep love for children’s ministry. They have taught children’s Sunday School for many years, and are actively involved in Kids3 Royal Family Kids Camp and Xtreme Life for children in Foster Care. As chairman of the board of New Horizons for Children, an international hosting ministry for eastern European orphans, Lee had the opportunity to mediate disputes between Russian, Latvian and American hosting organizations. Lee and Julie have four children, two biological and two adopted from eastern Europe. He is the author of “Surviving College Park”. In his spare time he loves hunting, fishing, participating in triathlons and obstacle course races with his family, watching the Georgia Bulldogs, the Nashville Predators, and playing the harp.  Topic: Terrified, Qualified, Sanctified to Serve as Deacon – We will answer the questions: How could God call a sinner like me to serve Him as a deacon? What are the qualifications? I’m terrified! Could a man like me serve a God like Him?

Gym: Buddy Hulsey was a Trustee with the International Mission Board for 8 years and was a Trustee at Shorter College. As a pharmacist for 48 years, Buddy owned his own drugstore in Woodstock for 15 years. He was an active Deacon at FBCW for over 25 years and currently teaches Men’s and Women’s Rehabilitation in Dalton, Georgia. Buddy has been married to Pat for 55 years, has 2 children, Bethany and Barry, and 4 grandchildren.  He has been teaching Sunday School at FBCW for 48 years and has been a member for 55 years.  Topic: Winning over Anger – Learn how to conquer this Unspoken sin which secretly plagues many men! Anger is NO respecter of persons. Is there any HOPE? Absolutely! The purpose of this Breakout is to see you set FREE from the Bondage of Anger. We will consider the Cost, the Cause, the Cure, and the Consequences of Anger.  

Magnolia Room: Eric Fuller is the High School Pastor at FBCW. His focus for high school ministry is to glorify God by capturing the hearts of students and families with the gospel and by making disciples who make disciples. Eric desires for students to take ownership of their faith. This is their time, their opportunity, their platform, and their moment to influence as many people as possible with the Gospel. Previously, Eric and his family traveled throughout America and around the world spreading the gospel message through his evangelistic ministry. Eric and his wife (Katie) have been married for almost 10 years. They have two sons. Josiah & Malachi and one daughter, Teagan.  Topic: The Secret Life of a Student– This breakout will uncover one of the most unspoken and detrimental aspects of a student’s life that hinders his spiritual growth and effectiveness. Fathers, student pastors, and students will learn how to defeat this unspoken issue and experience a richer life in Christ and ministry.



Worship Center: Bob Reccord ( is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and founder of Total Life Impact Ministries. Challenging people to live a life that matters, Bob has spoken to several hundreds of thousands of men over the last decade in men’s conferences, ,Outdoorsmen and sports events, churches and leadership conferences. Bob’s previous roles include nine years as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) North American Mission Board, overseeing 5000+ missionaries, one of the nation’s top disaster relief ministries and a radio/TV network; President & CEO of Hope for the Heart world-wide ministries which ministers in over 60 countries in 28 languages helping people turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones; Executive Director for the Council for National Policy (CNP), a non-profit educational/networking foundation based in Washington, D.C. which seeks to advance the “First Principles” of this nation’s Founding Fathers.  For 6 years Bob hosted a national radio show, Strength for Living.  In 2013 Bob was honored to be the keynote speaker at the prayer breakfast held during the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Houston, Texas. Additionally, he has served as pastor in three states and as a senior executive in business where he served automotive, computer and defense industries.  His eight books include Beneath the Surface, Forged by Fire, and Made to Count. In addition to loving golf, Bob is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and lover of adventure. Due to this passion for the outdoors, he serves as a Master Sportsman and regular writer for the Christian Sportsman’s Fellowship and its magazine nationally. Whether as a pastor, businessman, husband, father, or grandfather, Bob has dedicated his life to helping people (especially men) discover and fulfill their Christian calling and impact their world for Jesus Christ. Topic: The Power of Becoming a TRANSFORMED Man – What does it mean, how does one become a Transformed Man (initially and continually), and what difference does it make in everyday life? This session will be Simulcast and translated into Spanish.

Chapel: Bob Mehaffey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has served as the Associate Director of Counseling at the FBCW Counseling center for over 6 years.  He is a Certified EFT couples Therapist and Supervisor, and is trained in EMDR for trauma.  Bob is also a graduate of Talbot Theological Seminary and has a passion to aid people in reconnecting with God and others.  Bob believes that relationships are the context in which change occurs within each of our hearts, yet there are many roadblocks to this for us all.  Bob’s passion is to help others overcome the fear, shame, and pains from the past that hold us back from living authentic lives.  Bob has led many retreats, classes, and counseling sessions helping people to work through addictions, abuse, marital crisis, affairs, depression, spiritual stagnation, and hopelessness.  He has a wife of over 12 years and two children with whom he loves to share the beauty of the outdoors.  Topic: Unspoken Effects of Lust, Pornography in Relationships – The challenge for our lives, witness, and ministry.

B Basement: Keith Boggs is the founder of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries and is committed to helping churches establish an effective disciple-making ministry to men by offering tailored men’s ministry coaching, local church men’s events, and strategic mission partnerships. Keith also leads a weekly Bible Study for the FBCW Men’s Ministry at Woodstock. This is a model for what Keith and Real Momentum will help your church implement to strengthen your Men’s Ministry. This Real Momentum Model includes a weekly gathering of men with teaching and round-table discussions focused on helping men win in their relationship with God, their families, and the church to the ends of the earth. He and his wife, Nichole, have been married 20 years, have nine children, and live in North Atlanta. Topic: Spiritual Leadership in the Home – Men carry the burden and blessing of Spiritual Leadership in the home. This breakout will grip your heart and equip you to be a better man, husband, and father. Learn how to win at home by loving and leading with clarity, compassion, and conviction. 

Gym: Kris Dolberry is a pastor, Bible teacher, writer, and trainer of leaders. After serving 17 years in pastoral leadership, Kris leads Ministry to Men at LifeWay and serves as Executive Editor of Stand Firm, a daily devotional magazine for men. He is passionate about serving churches in their mission of making disciples. Kris is husband to his high school sweetheart, Vanessa and Dad to Konnor, Emma, and Brady. They live outside Nashville, Tennessee.  Topic: Essentials of Ministry to Men Statistics tell us that when a man is reached with the gospel, 93% of the time the family follows suit. Yet, in many churches, ministry to men is nothing more than a pancake breakfast, a wild game dinner, and a Bible study thrown in for good measure. This session will practically explore the essentials that a pastor, men's discipleship leader, or small group leader can build into the rhythms of his church to either start or strengthen its ministry to men. 

Magnolia Room: Brian Jennings is the Middle School Pastor at FBCW and a camp pastor for LifeWay’s Fuge Camps.  A graduate of Virginia Tech and Southeastern Seminary, he has been working with children, students, and families in the local church for 12 years. He is married to his wife Emily and they have 3 sons, Elliot, Benjamin, & Gideon.  Topic: Defending Against Digital Dangers This breakout will cover practical and spiritual ways you can guard yourself and your family from the digital temptations coming from phones, tablets, video games, media players, computers, televisions and more. Get the tools and principles you need to be successful in this fight


Spanish Attendees at the Live Conference

All address [3 Keynotes & Two Others] in the Worship Center will be simultaneously translated at FM 89.3. Bring your FM receivers!

Todos sesiones [tres principales y dos otro] serán simultáneamente traducidos en el FM 89.3.  Por favor, traiga su radio.